Starting a new job is always a big challenge! Even after going through interviews, dynamics, and selection processes, it is at this moment that, in fact, you will be analyzed during the first months of work. In these first few months, your co-workers will get to know you and have a first impression of you. And that can end up being scary, isn’t it?

The importance of research and good conduct

Researching the company, knowing its mission, vision and values ​​is a tip that not only applies to job interviews. This small attitude can also help you in the first days in your new job because it will show interest in the company’s activities, actions, and projects.

Other than that, other attitudes will help you stand out in your new job. As a consequence, they will positively influence your professional career.

7 Certain Attitudes to Stand Out in A New Job

Having good conduct from the first day is essential. And we are going to discuss some of the most important factors that should be considered as an image builder in the first few months.

Be Punctual

It is as the phrase says: “punctuality is the secret of success!”. Being punctual is essential for everyone in our job and personal life and especially when it comes to your new job. This will definitely help you build a better image in the workplace.

Apart from punctuality, other actions can help you stand out in a new job, such as arriving early. In addition, be on time with the deadlines for any work they set for you. Another tip is not to go out early in the first few months to sort out personal things.

Avoid, as much as possible, asking for leave of absence during the trial period. But of course, there are situations that are beyond our control. Therefore, absent from your work only in cases of extreme urgency.

Inform Your Superior About Your Activities

Another attitude that makes a difference at work is to keep your superior informed about what you are doing. Let us know which demands you will fulfill, which ones are finalized, if you have something pending to solve, among other things.

These attitudes will demonstrate that you are a committed and proactive professional. And when you have a problem, even if it seems small, ask your colleagues for help. If they can’t help you, look for your boss.

Ask for Feedback

A tip to grow in your career is to ask for feedback on the actions performed. This attitude is also valid for those who are starting a new job.

Listening to the comments of your superior and your colleagues regarding the activities you are developing will help you to improve your work and even to better understand the functioning of the company.

Be Open to New Contacts

During the first few days, it may seem difficult to excel in a new job. But, integrating with your work team members and interacting with other people in the firm, including those who are not in the same department as you, can help to make a positive impression on your recent job.

Join the Team

Offering help to a co-worker who is in high demand is a great way to integrate into a new environment. In addition, another tip is not to impose barriers to relate to other people.

Being present in after-hours activities, such as happy hours and company celebrations are also an exampling of attitudes that make a difference at work, especially if you are a newcomer to the company. In these moments, we are more relaxed and this allows us to get to know our co-workers better.

Don’t Be Ashamed to Ask Questions

Knowing how to ask the right question at the right time is a plus when it comes to good professionals. A question that is not relevant to the issue at hand only shows that you would like to appear and not contribute. However, a relevant question arouses the interest of everyone around you. Thus, the team works together to seek the best solution.

It may be that, during the initial months, you prefer to be more reserved or do not want to appear that you did not understand the function. However, let’s face it, it is much better to ask and clarify your doubts than to deliver work that will probably need to be redone. So, don’t be ashamed to clarify your doubts. Remember that you are starting out on the job and are not yet fully adapted.

Establish Good Networking

Networking refers to a network of relationships. It is nothing more than the act of relating to this network of contacts. To establish good networking, you must attend conferences, lectures, seminars, participate in webinars, and other activities in which you can establish a network.

Every opportunity to contact your business and professional colleagues is valid to improve your networking. Managing these contacts and increasing connections can open many doors in the future.

Being active in the office provides opportunities for further rewards and the first few months are the most important in your career journey. You get to understand that punctuality is one of the most important image builders and curiosity makes you more skillful. On the other hand, good networking contributes to your career growth more than anything. Therefore, if you are going to join a new job, you must follow these tips for a few months to be successful in your career journey.

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