Searching for properties on the internet has become an increasingly common practice. Many buyers do not leave home before making a pre-selection over the internet. For this reason, looking at your property in online classifieds can be a good tactic to speed up the sale. You must check the relevant information regarding your property when advertising your property on the internet.

1. Describe the location of the property with details

Location is one of the main criteria taken into account by those looking for a property. Therefore, the advertiser must be especially careful when filling in the address in the ad. People basically search for properties within a radius of 10 kilometers from where they grew up, so location is an important definition criterion for the buyer.

He adds that, in addition to correctly informing the property address, it is important that the advertiser highlights the positive points of the region, citing the existence, for example, of supermarkets, shopping malls, bakeries, pharmacies, subway and other types of establishments and services that show that the neighborhood has good infrastructure.

2. Cite the Property’s Differentials and Provide Relevant Information 

Many users give up shopping on the internet when they encounter scarce information. So that your property is no longer one of the products ignored by buyers, provide all kinds of information that may be relevant to the purchase, such as the property’s length, the value of the condominium and the amenities it offers, the value of the property tax, number of bedrooms and rooms, etc.

Also highlight any differences that your property may have, such as built-in cabinets, a spacious balcony, reforms that have been made, and any type of feature that adds value to the property.

3. Focus in the Presentation 

The chances of an ad without photos yielding clicks are remote. The more pictures and the better the quality of the images, the more chances your property will have to attract more and better buyers.

Some basic tips for the photos are: organize the whole house and do not leave objects out of place; photograph the property on sunny days so that the lighting favors the image; photograph all rooms of the property, the facade of the building of the house and the common areas of the condominium; publish videos when possible; and publish the photos in the highest resolution allowed by the site.

It is also advised that the owner takes the photos from angles that guarantee greater depth to the image. When the person is positioned in a corner of the room, the photo conveys the depth of the environment better than when the person is positioned in the center of a wall, he says. According to him, a machine with a wide-angle lens also allows the image to better capture the space.

4) Set a Fair Price 

If the property is priced much higher than the market, it can take a long time to sell. And if the price is below, obviously the owner will be greatly affected. Therefore, it is worth spending some time to set a price that is in line with market parameters.

There are many ways to know how to find out how much your property is worth. Consulting a broker and checking classified property values ​​similar to yours are some ways to do this type of pricing. And If the owner has made many improvements to the property, he can put a price 10% higher than the value that has been practiced in the market.

5) Meet Buyers Promptly

Another factor that can make the user give up buying a product when searching the internet is the delay in service. Make sure your contacts have been informed correctly and define in the ad what is the best time to contact you. A quick response may be the tiebreaker criterion that will make a buyer choose your property over another.

6) Use Social Networks

After posting your ad, post it on your social media profiles. Someone in your network of contacts may be interested or may indicate people who are looking for properties. In some classifieds, such as QuikAds, it is possible to share the ad on the networks automatically through the site.

7) Have Documents in Hand

It is very important that the necessary documents for the sale of the property, such as the certificate of the deed, the registration of the property and the dwelling are all in hand so that the negotiation can take place without any unforeseen circumstances. By leaving the bureaucratic part for the last hour, the seller runs the risk of losing the opportunity to sell the property to a buyer who has an urgent need to finalize the purchase.

8) Prepare the Property For Visits 

Leaving the property tidy and lit is a basic requirement so that the buyer does not give up on it immediately after ringing the bell. In addition to keeping the house organized, it is important for the owner to show it in the most original way possible, without trying to print his style to prevent the buyer from having a bad impression if the decoration does not match his taste.

And as with any type of negotiation initiated in the virtual environment, it is important that the buyer takes some precautions to make sure that the buyer is not malicious. Before scheduling the visit, talk to the buyer by phone and ask why he wants to buy the property, what would be the type of payment, where is he currently living and what is the urgency to finalize the negotiation. And when you receive it, be accompanied.

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