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Washing machines are increasingly essential equipment for many people’s daily lives. They provide much more practicality and quality of life, making your washing process much easier. In addition, and all that, it is worth mentioning that a washing machine directly influences your health, since it sanitizes the clothes used in daily life.

Because of this, the process of buying a washing machine is often quite challenging. Because, in addition to the enormous variety available on the market, it is extremely important to take some points into consideration. In order to help you buy the ideal appliance, we at the QuikAds Guide have prepared some tips on how to buy a washing machine. Check out:

Check Available Space

This is the first step to consider in any home appliance purchase process. Measure the space for the washing machine and look for models that fit that space. This way, you avoid future headaches.

Assess the Number of Members of The House

The total number of people directly implies the size of the washing machine you must buy. The greater the number of people, the more items such as clothing, bedding, towels, etc. will need to be washed periodically. So, in this case, it is better to opt for a large machine. Now, if few people live in your home, it is better to choose a washing machine from the smaller models.

Punctuate the Main Characteristics of The Lifestyle of Each One

After assessing the number of people who will depend on the appliance, it is time to know how much the washing machine will be required. For this, it is necessary to take into account the details of the lifestyle of each person who will use the appliance. Make an analysis and see, among the people someone wears a uniform, if many clothes get dirty, if there are children, etc.


How many times do you wash a week? Less than 4 times a week – A 5-6 kg machine will be sufficient if you do not wash large items regularly, such as coats and duvets. 4-6 times a week – A 7 kg washing machine will take care of your clothes easily, even with a very bulky garment. More than 6 times a week – Make your life as easy as possible and reduce the number of washes by choosing a washing machine with greater capacity, for example, with an 8-10 kg drum.


What types of fabric washes? Mainly cottons – A machine with delicate programs is not your priority. Delicate – A model that has a program equivalent to hand washing takes better care of its refined pieces and elegant silks. Wool – A dedicated program for wool keeps your wool cuter and safer, in addition to preventing shrinkage and enlargement when washing.


What time do you usually wash your clothes? Wash when you want, delaying the start of the cycle to the time that is best for you: at night or early in the morning to save on your electricity bill. If you work, schedule to finish by the time you usually get home.


How do your dry clothes? The higher the spin speed in the washing cycle, the more water leaves the laundry and the less drying is required. So, for quick drying, choose a machine that has a fast spin speed.  

Before buying a washing machine, you need to see if all the requirement goes with you. There are several things to consider before you buy any washing machine. And the above-mentioned points are highly recommended.  

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