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Hiring a technology supplier is a critical point for implementing a project for any company. The choice must be made appropriately to avoid setbacks and ensure the achievement of business objectives. Price is always a relevant aspect, especially for small and medium-sized companies, but we will talk here about other items that are very relevant for the choice of supplier.

In addition to the quality and effectiveness of the contracted solution, the choice of a supplier is highly delicate, since it can reflect on how you are recognized in the company. Success in a major company project can guarantee positive visibility for you in the organization, just as a major failure can be very damaging.

We are going to discuss 6 tips for choosing and hiring a technology supplier for your company.

1) Understand Your Business Needs

Before looking for and choosing a supplier, be clear about the needs of your business and what the objectives are with hiring the supplier. The technology market is quite broad and the same need can be met with different platforms. With well-defined business needs and goals, you stay focused and can direct efforts with the supplier.

2) Look for Companies That Can Meet Your Need

With this defined, it is necessary to search for companies available in the market that can meet your needs. Google is certainly a very important search engine today. In addition to it, search forums, social networks and ask coworkers. You can search for targeted media outlets, such as magazines and industry news sites.

Events and fairs are also a good way to meet different players and offer available in the market.

3) Search for Supplier References

When looking for a supplier, it is very important that you look for reference information on the market.

When in contact with a supplier, ask for more information about other projects carried out by the company and their success stories. Try to get in touch with the company’s managers to know their profile and values. Contact other customers directly to learn about their deployment and support experience. These experiences are quite valuable for a safe choice.

4) Project Management

After getting to know the supplier better, understand how the company works with project management. Understand the planning in detail to know the stages, the deadlines, and the main critical points and risks of the implementation.

It is also interesting to evaluate the reflexes and consequences of the implementation for other business areas of your company so that there is early communication, reducing unnecessary friction and wear.

5) Understand How Support Is Done

In addition to project management, it is essential to know how the supplier works the support part. Consult information with technology manufacturers about certifications and company experiences.

You also need to understand how service is performed outside business hours, find out what the company’s existing communication channels are and for whom you can escalate problems.

6) Check Out Working Experience

Experience is far more important than theoretical knowledge and in the technology sector, it even facilitates solving critical errors. Therefore, when choosing an IT service provider, you need to check on the agency’s working experience before you hire them.

Due to the constant shifting in consumer behavior, we need to know how the business is conducted at present. And the digital consumerism is in the spotlight. Therefore, it is very important to understand that technology partner in today’s world is far more important than other things due to the technological transition.

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