You might be thinking about the performance of your ads on a classified ads network and there are several ways to improve your ads performance. If you have used a classified network to promote your products, you must have come up with several issues, and ad performance is a major issue. So, if you are one of those who do not get better performance of your ads, then this post is absolutely for you.

According to our observation, there are several things to maintain if you are concerned about the performance of your ads on QuikAds. A lot of our user’s ads do not perform well due to their lack of attention to small things which in combined work for the ad’s performance. Let’s dive into the important matter that we should take care of.

A Better Photo of Your Product

Images remain one of the most important points that you must take care of. As we have found in our research, a lot of users of our platform do not provide a better image while promoting their products. We must know that without images, your ad is just a useless communication for the customers who are visiting our platform. As a matter of fact, users posting ads with a proper image are highly likely to be viewed by the visitors of QuikAds.

Now a day’s images and videos are the most vital medium of communication and if you lack integrity in the images, you are sacrificing a significant portion of trust authority. So, when you are posting your ads, you must take your photos into account for improving your performance. There is an abundance of good mobile phones today and you can capture a perfect photo of your products with a good camera mobile phone.  You should also do a little research on what type of photo your ads platform is showing and which one looks better on the platform.

For example, see if the classified network is showing vertical or horizontal photos? So, do it accordingly. Usually, vertical photos are better choice for QuikAds. You should always put the object in the middle and capture the photo a little far. You can add multiple photos in QuikAds ads; therefore, you should provide photos of your product from various angles. Eventually, we can assure you that if you are putting good photos, your ads will perform better than the others.

Provide Accurate Details

For a better performing ad, accurate detail is another important factor that you should take into your wisdom. Sometimes we forget to provide a detail of the product or sometimes we intentionally miss the detail. But this is not taking your ads where you wanted. This is even reducing the performance of your ads in the first place. Even providing false details will lead you to reduce performance. Therefore, if your intention is to sell, you must avoid any kind of false detailing. Because people can understand if you have provided a false detail. The report says that most of the users see their products multiple times before they purchase. Those who are buying products online, they go for extensive research before they buy anything. So, if you are providing false details it is not going to work. On the other hand, this is destroying the credibility of your product.

Try to explain your products and make sure to provide all the information regarding your product’s damage insights. This is going to put you in a better trustworthy as a seller on classified ads network.

Provide a Reasonable Price

Have you seen, someone selling his old product for the price of a new product? It does not matter, even if you have used that product for 10 days. It is still a used product. So, if you are considering better selling and ad performance, you must play fair. Therefore, before you put a price in detail, you must evaluate your product beforehand. When you are selling a used product, price should be thoroughly evaluated before you put it in there. But keep this in mind that if you put a price, it will kick your ads performance further. Because customers have a budget and if they see something in front of their eyes, they engage better than the ads without price tags.

In short, posting ads will not be effective if you are not maintaining the above-discussed matter seriously. Since your ad’s performance depends on good photos, proper detailing, and reliable price, if you have the intention to sell better, you must keep this thing in mind. On QuikAds, we can assure you that, if you are properly maintaining these three points, your ads are highly likely to perform well.

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