It is essential to know how to make a resume, and to do it optimally to overcome the multiple filters that we will find.

Does it seem impossible? Don’t worry, writing is not always easy. Read on and we’ll help you figure out how to write a resume that tests automated ATS filters and sorters.

Select and Synthesize Essential Information

Optimize data and highlight your strengths without distracting the selector with superfluous data. This is not to be missed.

Summary or Extract
Tell who you are, describing yourself in short lines. And, even if it is the first thing that appears in your CV, we recommend that it be the last thing you make. Like the title of your next book!

Professional Experience
It is one of the key parts. Publicizing your professional profile and indicating the positions, companies, and tasks performed will give the company what is necessary to know how to take advantage of your experience in the new position.

Academic Career
With this section, you will show the selector your most theoretical knowledge. If you have higher studies, highlight them above short or less recognized formations.

skills Social skills are essential. Therefore, it shows how well you operate in a professional environment and highlights elements such as your autonomy, proactivity or empathy, and the ability to work as a team or self-motivated.

Additional Information
Your availability to contact or your flexibility to move or change your address will provide useful information.

Limit Length

It is useless to include the appropriate information if the selector decides not to read it. Synthesize it in one or two pages! You can use tables, infographics, or lists to present the data in a concise way.

Chronological Order Your Work Experience and Studies

Writing your curriculum vitae starting with the most recent will give the selector a clearer idea of ​​what you can contribute at that moment, after your past experiences. Order them!

Adapt Communication to The Type of Job

If finance is your thing and you aspire to a managerial position, you will need to be formal. However, an overly serious creative profile may seem unable to innovate. Choose your style!

Choose an Attractive Resume Template

Sometimes we will know that design is not our thing, but giving a careful image will help you more than you think. Make your resume with our CV generator!

Focus on Your Achievements

Knowing that you work for objectives and that you can quantify your successes, will let the coach know that you will give your best at every opportunity. You will love it!

Adapt Your Resume

Although it may seem laborious, if you have a versatile profile, we recommend having a master CV with all your information and creating models oriented to each position.

Use the Right Keywords

Including for each offer the keywords that will fit the position will save your application from the rejection of ATS filters.

Link Your Resume with Your Cover Letter

Although not required, including a cover letter has advantages: it humanizes your candidacy and shows greater interest. So, learn how to make a cover letter and relate it to your resume.

Check Spelling and Grammar and Ask A Friend for A Check

The word processor checker is usually limited. Therefore, use advanced tools such as the Language Tool or the Grammarly app, and other people, who will suggest errors that could be overlooked.

A curriculum vita plays a very important role in getting a job and this is the only means of documents that will make you get a call from your employer. Hense you must focus on making your CV rich in design, organized information. Therefore make sure to maintain all these above-mentioned recommendations to write a CV and win over jobs.

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