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S&P Wealth (A) Services was established in the year 2017. We are Reliable service provider dealing with Mutual fund Portfolio , Tax Benefit Plans , Medical Insurance & Life Insurance Plans (LIC) .

With 18 years Plus of wide experience in financial sector ,our biggest asset is well maintained relationship with our clients and customer centric product. We offer sound financial advice and personalised proactive services.

In 2017, S&P Wealth (A) Services started working to build our own mission and empower those who are not very keen on investment or don’t have knowledge about market investment. The focus was very clear and so with each day, the client base grew and AUM also. With Personalized services at each front and every level, trust came in.

The Great News came in after completing 1st year, and S&P Wealth (A) Services have rock solid foundation of around 220 clients who are taking professional advice from us. Happy to say , that today we manage an AUM of more than 15 Crore and we maintain client relationship in across nation say Delhi NCR , Maharastra , West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, UP- Uttrakhand, M.P., Rajasthan etc.


  • Category : Professional Services


  • We are Reliable service provider dealing with :-
  • Mutual fund Portfolio , Tax Benefit Plans , Medical Insurance & Life Insurance Plans (LIC) in combination .
  • We have ensured that the Funds suggested are basis technical points taken into consideration which may help reducing the volatility of the market and giving maximum benefit to clients.
  • The Platform we provide to all our clients (whether Mutual funds or Insurance) helps them to check their portfolio at one place and giving them full control to view / generate / purchase funds etc.
  • Focus on Customer Solution . The portfolio is advised depending upon the needs of client.
  • Client Gets total investment Value as purchase .When we’re focused on helping the customer make an investment, we shift our thinking toward creating a return on investment rather than hyping product features. This means emphasis is made on goals rather than product .
  • Family Matters – We have ensured that apart from our Frontline customers, their families are also aware of the Product / health or life insurance benefits for which they are also part of .Hence full 360 (circle) is done.
  • We are their our clients and for their families. It is the most important priority we have and we ensure that our relationship with our all clients is well maintained and long lasting.


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