Royal Enfield Buying guide

Royal Enfield is one of the oldest bike brands in India and it has evolved throughout the century. It has also become dream bikes for Indians and many other nationals. If you are one of those bike lovers thinking about buying a Royal Enfield second-hand bike can rewarding and you can get your dream bike at a very reasonable price.

If you want to buy a used motorcycle, either on a budget or as a temporary mobility option, remember to take your budget into account. You must take into account different aspects to those of a new motorcycle, mechanical technical review, helmet, and clothing. Some motorcycles have an expiration date in the following months in terms of documents. Others have already expired these documents, according to this, the price varies. Reserve part of the budget to get it ready. Take into account the mileage and maintenance record.

Set Your Price

When you are buying a Royal Enfield, you don’t have to think about the price, since it is an Indian product. So you will get the bike at a price that would not even match with the imported bikes. But still, you must have a budget that should go with the bike you are dreaming about. So, before you set your model first you have to set your price range. Used bikes come in many different conditions and depending on the mileage and model of the manufacturing year, you will get the price accordingly.

Search on Various Platforms and Places

You will find Royal Enfield everywhere and you should always look among friends, acquaintances, and neighbors who have your motorcycle for sale. Dealerships usually hold used fairs, check the classifieds like QuikAds, or search on the internet. But you should never buy a motorcycle without seeing or testing it.


The most important thing is to know the origin of the motorcycle. You already have set your mind that you will buy a Royal Enfield. But try to know the first owner and try to establish a connection if the present seller is a reliable person. Find out why the motorcycle is sold. When you buy it, what was the treatment that was given to it? some have them pulling trailers, always seek the help of a mechanic or expert to determine the condition of the motorcycle.

Overall Status

Look for dings, rusted areas, dents, leaks, etc. All these details indicate the general condition of the bike. If it has suffered falls if repairs have been carried out. The color of the handlebar is an indicator, the keys and key rings leave traces, the exterior lights denote the passage of time. It is recommended that you take a motor mechanic with you. So that they can thoroughly check the bike to recognize any type of problem.

Another important aspect of the inspection is the cleanliness and the state of conservation. Oil stains, accumulation of dust or grease, provide information on the maintenance and care that has been taken with it. Keep in mind the scrapes, the motorcycles can go to the ground several times without directly affecting the vital parts.

Round Mileage

This is a question commonly analyzed first because it reveals a lot about the bike. However, when buying used Royal Enfield motorcycles, low mileage does not always guarantee the quality of the vehicle. This is because, when it comes to a vehicle that has been idle for a long time, it may also not have received the recommended maintenance and care. For this reason, it is ideal to confirm that there are records of preventive maintenance and revisions in the owner’s manual.

Complete Motorcycle Inspection

Having met all the previous requirements, it’s time to check the condition of the bike in broad daylight. This assessment should be done in an open environment and using the natural lighting of the sun so that no detail goes unnoticed. It is also important to analyze the engine cover, which should not be colored in a different tone, which denotes an attempt to cover imperfections. Then, the analysis must comprise a search for welds and cracks, chassis alignment, preservation of the crown, chain, and pinion assembly.

Although aesthetic analysis is very important, these qualities are usually visible and, therefore, easy to verify. However, the functioning of used Royal Enfield is that they must be thoroughly researched so that there are no later surprises. To discover these issues, the interested party must, for example, start the motorcycle’s engine while it is cold. This is because, it is in this condition that it will show the sign of problems, for example exhaling smoke through the exhaust. During the operation of the motorcycle, it should be easy to pick up and not have any different sounds. We all know that Enfield is known for its distinct sound quality. Finally, before closing the deal, it is very important to check the oil level and if there are no leaks of any kind. And, of course, take the Test Ride to check the impressions gathered in the analysis.

Check the Documentation

The documentation is a very important matter. If you plan to ride your dream Enfield for a long trip or going on a long ride, documentation is a high priority. If the bike has an accident or stolen, the document will not be original. Therefore, very careful about all these aspects so that you do not get any trouble after you purchase the bike. On the other hand, documentation is also important for bikes’ authenticity.

These are the pretty much most important options that you must be aware of. If you have read this blog carefully, hopefully, you will make the right choice when you buy a Royal Enfield.

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