Whether to realize the dream of having the first car or to exchange for a model, for example, the purchase of a vehicle is a moment that usually generates high expectations in people. At this time, it is more than common to ask yourself, is it better to choose a new or used car?

As there are many questions that must be considered to make this decision, we decided to prepare this post with everything you need to know to make the best choice. Follow up and draw your own conclusions!

Think about Your Budget

The first information to consider is related to the amount you intend to spend on the purchase of the car. Remember that, although new cars normally require a larger budget (even in their basic versions), they have a guarantee from the automaker, in addition to offering specialized overhaul plans to ensure their smooth operation.

In the meantime, used cars can be found at much more attractive prices, even with options such as power steering, air conditioning, and airbag. However, an in-depth analysis is needed to ensure that this vehicle is in really good condition. After all, if you experience problems after purchase, you will have to bear the maintenance costs yourself.

Assess the Devaluation of the Vehicle

Okay, the feeling of buying a new car is unique, but it has its price. When buying a zero-kilometer car, an average devaluation of 10% to 15% of the vehicle’s value is expected as soon as it leaves the dealership. Not to mention the natural devaluation, which is recorded annually investigative evaluation companies.

But used cars are also subject to this natural depreciation, see? The big difference is that whoever opts for a used one does not feel the same thud of the immediate devaluation that happens in the case of new cars, because this happened back there, at the time of the first purchase.

In any case, it is essential to take good care of your vehicle, whether new or used. This way, you reduce your devaluation as much as possible, guaranteeing a good deal if you want to sell it in the future.

Take Test Drives

When choosing the model of the car, there is no point in being beautiful and spacious, but not being so good when driving, presenting problems that can compromise your comfort. For these and other reasons, taking a test drive is so important.

At the time of the test, evaluate everything possible, from the start time to strange vibrations on the steering wheel and pedals, as well as unexpected noises and other issues, such as engine power.

As there is little point in taking a test drive of a few kilometers, a good alternative is to rent a car of the same model and use it for a longer period. If you can get a vehicle with a longer ride, even better! With this, it will be possible to evaluate how the weather influences the condition of the car.

And a tip that applies equally to new or used cars is nothing to be enchanted with everything the seller says. Don’t forget that he is playing his part when trying to convince him to do business. It is more than natural, therefore, that he highlights only the positive points.

Consider the value of maintenance

Many people prefer a new car to avoid having to worry so much about its maintenance. This is normal, as new vehicles tend to have fewer problems. As long as the preventive maintenance established by the manufacturer is observed, it is very likely that the owner of a new car will run smoothly for a long time.

In the case of used cars, the idea is to do a complete overhaul with a trusted professional even before closing a deal. However, although this measure is important to ensure that the used car is in good condition at the time of purchase, it is necessary to be aware that, in this case, maintenance problems may arise much earlier, compared to new models.

Assess the value of insurance for each option

Since auto insurance is an indispensable service today, it should also be considered when choosing between a new or used car. Although the model of the car and the profile of the driver are more decisive in the insurance quote, the final value of the policy is usually a little lower for new cars. Of course, all of this also depends on the types of coverage and additional services you want.

Search for seller reputation

Although this topic is not so important for those who choose a new vehicle, it is simply essential for those who choose to buy a used car. The deals should never be closed without you doing a good search through the history of the seller and the vehicle beforehand.

Keep in mind that negotiations between individuals do not have as many guarantees. In this scenario, any problem that arises will have a much more difficult solution, usually having to resort to bureaucratic processes involving lawyers.

In addition, the vehicle may have undergone changes that compromise its quality or have pending documentation. Finally, remember to check if the chassis number matches the one printed on the document.

Consider Making a Vehicle Consortium

Many people who dream of buying a car resort to bank financing, with all their bureaucracy and the payment of high-interest rates. At such times, the auto consortium should be an option to be considered.

Through the payment of monthly installments, the consortium member receives a letter of credit at the end of the established period, allowing him to make the purchase of the vehicle. There is no interest charge or the need for proof of income. The only requirements are having a financial organization to honor the installments and is available to wait for the good for a longer time.

With these tips, it will certainly be much easier to choose between a new or used car. Just don’t forget that this is a decision that must be made carefully, considering the largest number of possible variables.

So, did you think about each of these factors to finally choose between a new or used car? If you want to receive more content like this first hand, enjoy and subscribe to our newsletter now!

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