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India is a technologically progressive nation and smart TVs have been the norm for a long time, offering many applications within the reach of our controls. Today it is difficult to find a new television that does not include this system that offers the versatility of a mobile phone but with an obviously much larger screen.

Its importance is such that it is already essential to check if the television we are going to buy has it and which one it uses. This Smart TV buying guide will help you find the best option.

Major Factors to Look for To Buy A Smart TV

Operating System is a Major Factor

Today, there are a certain variety of operating systems on Smart TVs. Each manufacturer uses its own, each with its own advantages and characteristics. For example, LG uses the very intuitive webOS, which has its roots in the old Palm phones. It is very fast and has an extremely attractive interface. Samsung, for its part, advocates Tizen, also of telephone ancestry and extremely pleasant to use.

Other companies (such is the case of Sony, on these lines) are betting on Android TV, a standardized platform developed by Google. Perhaps it is less striking but, it is characterized by offering a huge number of applications. This is possibly the best option for users looking for the maximum number of apps since it has the support of the Android ecosystem.

Finally, we can point out that some manufacturers incorporate their own operating systems. They generally offer fewer functions, but even so they usually still have such important applications as YouTube, Skype, or Netflix, so basic needs will be covered. Do some research and think about the kinds of apps you normally use before making your purchase.

So, it is your priority which one you choose. You must go with the most versatile one so that you find everything you want. Android is preferable in the Indian market by most people.

Check Internet Connectivity Options  

Here we must consider two different connections. On the one hand, that of the television itself to our home Internet network. The normal thing is to find that it comes with Wi-Fi, so we will only have to put the router password when we configure it for the first time. Today the Ethernet connector is present at most as an option.

In the past, the Wi-Fi connectivity of televisions was somewhat problematic, but today it is fully sufficient. However, if you have a model with an Ethernet connector and you have reception problems, you may want to try your luck with a PLC adapter.

On the other hand, we have the connectivity of TV with other devices. The HDMI ports allow you to connect smartphones, tablets, and computers by cable. Wirelessly we can find Wi-Fi Direct and DLNA. And do not miss out on USBs!

Modern Smart TVs allow both recording programs to external memory and playing videos from it.

Take a good look because, with these acronyms, which we already talked about in its day, you can send files to the TV from your smartphone or tablet over the air. If you also use an Android phone and you use an Android TV, you can use the Chromecast feature.

Check Applications

Today LG, Samsung, and Sony are leading the way by offering many services in their Smart TV systems. Even so, we must not lose sight of others with interesting services.

We have everything: Skype to make videoconferences, social media applications to read while watching TV, Spotify, YouTube, on-demand content services like Netflix or Amazon. There are many and it is difficult to stay with a single brand, if you have, ask us in the comments and we will answer you in more detail because the catalog is very extensive.

Know What You Need Before Choosing A Smart TV

Check If the System is Frequently Updated

We make a good investment to have a Smart TV and the logical thing is that we always want to have it up to date, right? That is why each manufacturer releases updates from time to time to improve the system and to correct small bugs that arise.

As of today, they all update quite frequently so that we do not have problems. Models based on Android TV usually receive updates constantly and have a wide repertoire of applications always updated, but the power of LG and Samsung has also allowed them to have a good catalog of software.

Check the Availability of Accessories

This Smart TV buying guide will not be completed until we talk about the accessories point. Smart TVs also include a few accessories to give your TV more life. Each manufacturer includes and sells their own, although thanks to the Bluetooth connection we can use compatible keyboards and mice. However, almost all modern televisions allow control not only by remote control but also by mobile phone.

Although it is possible to add mice and keyboards, the current trend is for voice recognition. Some of the more advanced models incorporate dictation directly using a microphone on the television or remote, avoiding having to use physical or virtual keyboards to enter web addresses and movie names.

Hope this Smart TV buying guide helps you well. If you are looking for a better Smart TV you can find it on QuikAds India. This classified ads platform lets you choose from a lot of listed used and brand new TVs so that you meet your budget.

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