Cozy Home Decoration tips

Who doesn’t want to live in a charming, cozy, and comfortable environment? Believe me, it is not necessary to have lots of money or crazy ideas. With simple tips that fit in your budget, you can set up a practical decoration and transform your home into the cozy place you’ve always dreamed of!

First of all, it is important to clarify: good decoration goes far beyond beauty. Of course, it can be nice to have designer furniture, pieces with the reference design, and one thing combining with the other. But this charm can go down the drain if the environment is not functional.

Therefore, pay attention to the following aspects: aesthetics, comfort, functionality, and, above all, your well-being. After all, there’s nothing better than feeling good in your space, isn’t it?

Follow this Practical Decorating Tips

Forget the expression “I think it fits”. Doesn’t matter big or small, before any change, it is essential to measure furniture and rooms in the house. This care serves not only to plan the environments but also to ensure that possible new furniture passes through the doors, corridors, and elevator.

Check for electrical and hydraulic points where they will be needed. What is the use of planning the layout of a small office, if there are no sockets close to where the desk will be? Pay attention to structural details and seek guidance from specialized professionals.

Leave Room for Circulation

Furniture and other objects in the house should help, not hinder. When distributing where each item will be, keep comfortable distances and leave the passages as free as possible – try to create a minimum circulation of 60 centimeters. Having easy access to environments avoids stress and facilitates our daily lives.

Enjoy Natural Light and Air Circulation

This is a fundamental tip not only for practicality and energy savings but also as a way to improve your physical and mental well-being.

Artificial lighting complements natural lighting. Before choosing where and how to use chandeliers, lamps, and electric lights, evaluate the function of the rooms and observe the effect of natural light in each one of them.

By promoting natural ventilation and helping to renew the air, observe the condition of the windows, and maintain them – no one deserves that glass or blind that gets stuck all the time. Remember to consider air circulation when setting the position of furniture and appliances.

Use Colours to Your Advantage

Colors are a complement to lighting and have an influence on our mental wellbeing. For example, cooler colors create a relaxing and refreshing atmosphere, while warm tones make the environment warm and cozy. Understanding how colors work helps you achieve the desired effect for each place.

Go Green and Bring Live Plants

The planet is also our home and deserves to be taken care of. In addition to preferring the use of renewable materials, a sustainable (and economical) tip is to reuse the furniture you already have. If you are tired of that piece, you can give it a new look or different use. Besides you can also bring some indoor plants which will definitely help your house look more elegant and contribute to the green room initiative.

Customise the Environments

Put some of the identity of each resident in the decoration. It is nice that the environments reflect the tastes, habits, and needs of those who live there. No one needs to stick to the color of fashion or a look portrayed in magazines and decoration websites.

It is important to remember that, there are no rules for decoration. Think of your home with the care it deserves. Observe what makes you happy and decorate everything in a way that makes you count the minutes to reach your favorite place in the world.

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