Nothing is more pleasant than having a clean house. To achieve this desired moment, a series of steps is first necessary to get rid of accumulated dust and dirt. This is where the vacuum cleaner is a great ally when cleaning. Easy to handle, just use it to remove so unwanted dirt in minutes.

If you have carpets, or even pets in your home, you know that this item is a “hand on the wheel” when it comes to cleaning them, facilitating and speeding up this process. Even if your home is floor-mounted, the vacuum cleaner helps you reach even the most difficult places.

With different models, it is possible to find it in the most varied price ranges, with different functions and powers, so it is worthwhile to define the main purpose of its use.

How to Choose the Ideal Vacuum Cleaner

In order to achieve this feat, it is worth analyzing what is the specific function for this item, in addition to recognizing the needs of the home and which model can be better adapted, seeking to have the most effective use. Check out some tips that will help you decide which vacuum cleaner is ideal for your home:

Existing Vacuum Cleaner Types:

The vacuum cleaner has four well-known models: the portable, the traditional vacuum cleaner, the vertical vacuum cleaner, and the robot vacuum cleaner. Let’s know the difference between them.

Hand vacuum: ultra-compact model, ideal for small places. Light and easy to clean, this model is commonly used for cleaning upholstery and cars. There is a good tool to get rid of it.

Traditional vacuum cleaner: This model is supported on the floor, has wheels to facilitate its displacement. Of different sizes, smaller ones are easier to use, as they are lighter. However, the smaller its size, the smaller its container for dirt, making it necessary to empty its contents more frequently.

Vertical vacuum: easy to handle, besides being light, it also has casters, promoting a pleasant cleaning. It resembles a broom and some models still have the option of detaching your engine, turning it into a hand vacuum.

Robot vacuum cleaner: a recent novelty, this type of vacuum cleaner has a round shape and can be programmed to vacuum an environment automatically, using its built-in wheels. Due to its small size, it has little storage capacity.

Cleaning profile

There are models of vacuum cleaners for household cleaning that, in general, are less complex and faster; and heavy-duty vacuum cleaners, usually done in larger establishments. So, first of all, it is necessary to identify in which of these two situations you will use your vacuum cleaner, only then choose the most suitable model.

Taking it easy

Here, we are talking about basic household cleaning. Therefore, portability is one of the characteristics that should be at the top of your list of priorities. After all, the ideal vacuum cleaner should be powerful, yet easy to carry around the home.

Make Use of The Correct Accessories

You can vacuum the whole house, just use the correct accessory. Vacuum cleaners come with nozzles that can be used on any floor and corner. Some also have other accessories to clean curtains and upholstery and even delicate surfaces like wooden furniture. But when it comes to flooring, it’s good to make sure that the specific accessories for each floor or surface are in place.

By understanding all the aspects of a vacuum cleaner, you can go with the one which will be best suited for you. In this sense, there are many options in India and you can choose the right one by knowing your preferences. But it is really important to know what is the main purpose of the vacuum cleaner. And hope you will be able to choose the right one for you.

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