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In today’s world smartwatch brings speed and elegancy in your day-to-day life and to buy one you must be aware of many things that we are going to discuss. The perfect smartwatch should work easily, offering a range of features without becoming complex. Synchronizing with your smartphone is important to keep track of your appointments discreetly. The equipment that allows you to be activity bracelets is another added value since you can check your sports data. To help you find the best smartwatch for your needs, QuikAds India has created a guide that can help you.

What Operating System Do You Want to Use?

The best operating system for a smartwatch is the one that is compatible with your phone. There are smartwatches compatible with several operating systems, so you should check the compatibility before purchasing. Note that some devices may have exclusivity incompatibility, as is the case with the Apple Watch. This smartwatch is only compatible with smartphones that have iOS. Though a vast majority of smartwatches are compatible with the Android operating system and iOS.

But there are other features to watch out for along with compatibility. Both Android Wear and Watch OS are quite similar. The latter has gained some reputation for being fast and consistent. Android Wear and Samsung’s new operating system, Tizen, use an ‘open source’ model that expands the possibility of customization. However, Tizen has its own applications and allows for a user experience that you can share between devices.

Display and Interface

Almost all smartwatches have an OLED, LCD, or AMOLED screen which allows you to view photos, applications, or other content with richer and brighter colors. However, this type of screens does not allow the equipment’s autonomy to be very long.

In the case of the interface, you should consider whether a smartwatch with a “touch screen” or a button that helps in navigation belongs. Currently, many of the most sought-after smartwatches such as the Apple Watch or some Samsung Gear models opt for a hybrid function.

Design and Customisation

If you want to personalize your smartwatch it is important that you check if there are bracelets available for the model that best suits what you are looking for.

Currently, bracelets vary between 16mm and 44mm. Being easy to replace, it is even possible to find those that best suit the activity you are going to perform. If you prefer something more classic that resembles a traditional watch, you will certainly prefer a leather or stainless-steel strap. If its use is more directed to the outdoors and sports, there are also flexible silicone bracelets.

Comfort is also something to think about. Bearing in mind that the width of the smartwatch’s screen may be larger than your wrist or the bracelet may not be the right size.


A smartwatch has several advantages that can be enhanced depending on the use you want to give it.

For sports lovers, having a smartwatch with a pedometer, accelerometer, and heart rate monitor can be important. These features allow you to record useful information in the management of your physical activity, especially if you use applications that allow a full knowledge of the sport you practice. However, if you want to purchase a smartwatch for this purpose, you should consider models that are resistant to water and dust.

Voice control is also important if you want to record reminders, receive and send messages, or conduct internet searches without the need to use your hands. Listening to music and finding that street you’re looking for via GPS are other features that you can take advantage of with a smartwatch. In addition, you can complement your experience with applications intended for use together between the smartwatch and the smartphone.


Another point to pay attention to is the autonomy of the smartwatch. The great part has a capacity of one or two days, due to the power of the screen. But this duration can decrease due to the equipment’s own functionalities. For example, a smartwatch with voice capability is not going to have such long battery life.

You should also understand how the smartwatch is charged: by micro USB cable or magnetic charging cable? A micro USB cable is easier to find and therefore, in an emergency situation, it can be useful. The magnetic charging cable is easy to attach to the equipment.

Before you buy any smartwatch and if you have a good budget, you must think about the points we have already discussed. There are hundreds of models in the market and it is easy to get confused, so be conscious and purchase according to your budget and requirements.

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