As newbies, we tend to buy cheap products, but unfortunately of poor quality. Know that soon you will be tempted to sell your guitar to buy a better one, but you will have trouble finding buyers. Whether you want to buy a classical guitar, a seven-string guitar or a folk guitar, one thing is certain: for the same budget, you will have a better-quality instrument if you buy it second hand! You may well find an instrument that is easy to play and quality if you are a beginner on QuikAds.

In addition, a used guitar devalues ​​much less than a new guitar! If you want to resell your musical instrument after a few weeks or months, you can do it for the same price. And if you are looking for a rare pearl, the second-hand market is perfect. You can find out limited edition guitar, popular instruments, best brands, with a specific color. So, let’s get to the main topic and learn how to choose your second-hand guitar.

The Build Quality and Model of Your Guitar

It doesn’t matter which guitar you choose: classic, folk, seven strings: in all cases, always choose a well-known brand. If you want to rock, gypsy, or folk-jazz, to learn or improve, buy a used guitar from a famous brand like Tagima, Ibanez, Yamaha, Gibson, Epiphone, or Fender.

Check or ask the seller to specify the build quality, model, and year of manufacture of the guitar. This information is usually found on the label visible through the guitar’s mouth. This information is important to find out the price of the new guitar and thus better estimate the price of the used product.

Buying a guitar from a known brand is also a good strategy when sending your instrument for repair and maintenance. Major brands develop many tools that allow users to repair or exchange a specific part of the instrument without having to buy a new guitar.

The Price of a Guitar

But then, what price should we pay for a used guitar? Of course, it all depends on the build quality and model of the guitar, as stated earlier. The price of a guitar usually decreases over the years – unless you want to buy a collector’s guitar or one that belonged to a great rock master. To better estimate, the value of a used one, ask about the price range of the new instrument.

Know that, in any case, a guitar cost less than average is not a guarantee of quality. Of course, the price does not mean everything, but if the value of the new guitar is already very low, the used guitar will hardly be in good condition. Always ask the seller what justifies the price he has set for his guitar and why he is selling it. This does not prevent you from checking the condition of the instrument yourself, but it already gives some indications that justify that value.

Do not hesitate to ask what the musician used his guitar for: did he play a lot, a little? Did you teach, borrow the instrument? Was there an accident? Some sellers offer their guitar at a very low price just because they are in a hurry to sell. When this happens, this is really a good bet.

Check the General Condition of The Guitar

You’ve already chosen your guitar, found your ad in QuikAds, the price is right for you, now it’s time to meet the seller. If you are a beginner and this is your first purchase, be accompanied, if possible, by a more experienced guitarist or music teacher. There are three main parts to check before buying your used guitar: head, neck, and case.

The Head: Check that the mechanics are not too worn. To do this, tune the guitar and play a little. If it gets out of tune quickly, it could be the result of poor mechanics. Also, check that the lash is not cracked. This part is cheap if you have to change it.

The arm: the neck must be straight and the frets are flat and in good condition. Also, check that the keel has no trace of glue. Remember to check the string set, that is, if they don’t touch the frets when you play. If this is the case, either the lash is worn or the arm is bent due to improper storage. Anyway, it’s not a good sign!

The box: check that the varnish is in good condition. It can be a negotiating element if the guitar has any scratches. Be careful that there are no deep cracks or dents in the wood. There is a difference between signs of wear and tear and actual problems due to shocks or bumps. The most important thing is to check that the easel is firmly attached to the top. It plays a vital role in the sound of the guitar. If you choose an electric or folk guitar, remember to check the condition of the microphones and buttons. There should be no noise or faults.

Test Your New Guitar!

Test the guitar to make sure you find your ideal instrument! In addition to being easier to find faults when playing, you will feel the instrument, and only then will you discover what suits you perfectly! Touch comfort is very important, you will spend many hours on it, so it needs to be pleasant to use.

In short, if you are driven by the quality of the guitar after all the tests and price, you should most probably choose the guitar for yourself but if you do not get them, make sure to look for more from the QuikAds. Since the sound quality matters, you must not fail to choose the guitar and used guitar should work perfectly for you.

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