The MacBooks have features that make them a good choice for anyone who seeks a used laptop. Although priced higher than rival models with similar specs, Apple laptops are known for their durability. In addition, the brand’s computers include an operating system that continues to receive updates for a long time.

A 2015 MacBook Pro, for example, can be found for a very convenient price while the latest model is on sale for a way higher price on the store’s official website. Despite the difference in value, it is necessary to take some precautions before venturing into the used car markets in search of something cheaper.

Year of Manufacture

Find out the year of manufacture immediately when you see a used MacBook ad. The information is important because it not only indicates the possible time of use of the machine but also indicates the remaining time for the product to be considered obsolete.

Year of Purchase

The year the MacBook was purchased indicates the time of use of the product. The information does not necessarily show whether a computer is in good condition or not, but it does help to know if the warranty is still valid. If you are looking for the purchase date it can be found on the tax document issued by the store, either at Apple or at a third-party reseller. The invoice can be printed or available electronically in the email of the original owner.

Check the Warranty Still Valid

The purchase date is not the only way to find out if a MacBook is still under warranty. Even if the first owner does not inform the data – either because he lost the invoice or because he does not remember – Apple has an online consultation tool that can help. Ask for your Mac’s serial number and check the support page.

Request Real Photos of The Product

Always ask for real photos – preferably made on the spot – to prove the authenticity of the product. The strategy is effective in circumventing salespeople who try to deceive consumers by using images stolen from other ads. Ask for a guarantee that the photo is recent and check for cracks in the frame, in the screen, or other physical marks that indicate possible falls (laptops that have already fallen can hide irreversible internal damage, depending on the accident).

Battery Cycles

One of the data that best indicates the state of conservation of a MacBook is the battery cycle count. The information shows exactly the component’s life expectancy and points out whether a recently purchased MacBook has been used too much, or whether a product purchased a long time ago has been underused.

MacBooks made in 2010 have a battery that lasts 1,000 cycles before needing to be replaced. In the case of the MacBook Pro, the measure also applies to 15-inch models from mid-2009 and 17-inch models produced from the beginning of 2009 here.

macOS Version

Choose MacBooks with the latest macOS. The more up-to-date the system is, the more likely the computer is to be new and to have no bugs during the update process. The most current software is macOS Mojave, compatible with any 12” MacBook from early 2015 or newer and MacBook Air and MacBook Pro from mid-2012 or newer. It is a very easy task to find out the macOS version and you can find it in the “About this Mac” menu.

Boot the System

Defective MacBook may have macOS installed, but corrupted. When buying a used product, one of the first tests should be to turn on the computer and boot the system completely until the table (desktop) is displayed. If the software does not start correctly, you can try to reinstall over the Internet or via an external hard drive.

Test the Screen

In face-to-face negotiations, take the opportunity to test some aspects of MacBook hardware. Start by searching for dead pixels on the screen: open a completely white image on the full screen and check for erased dots. It is normal for one pixel or another not to light up after a few years of use, but it is important to be aware if there are groups of blind spots, as they may indicate a problem in the display.

Check Keyboard and Trackpad

A simple locked shift can cause quite a problem on a daily basis. Open a document to see if anything is stuck and use the system’s virtual keyboard to see if modifier keys are working.

Checking the trackpad of the MacBook is very important and it should reflect the quality of the device. The high-quality trackpad is one of the MacBook’s signatures, so be suspicious if the cursor doesn’t move as smoothly as expected.

Is the Charger Original?

A duplicate charger can bring major problems to an Apple device. Check that the cable bears the company’s inscriptions on the finish and make sure that there are no seams and other workarounds that can put the battery and the whole device at risk. If the accessory is not in good condition, it may be more advantageous to look for another computer to buy, since a new charger at Apple costs higher than you would imagine.

In short, you must consider putting things aside and make sure that you are purchasing a MacBook that worth the money and to do this you have to make sure few things including if the MacBook is stolen or the seller has the original papers. Because Apple products are highly restrictive to use if it gets lost. The price, condition, and the internal materials are the prime that you must check for better usability.

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